Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison

A rollicking great chase of a thriller is found in the Roswell Conspiracy, Boyd Morrison's latest installment of Gordian Fiction.  Tyler Locke and Grant Westfield work for Gordian Engineering spending their time testing race cars, assisting on archeological digs, chasing bad guys and making the world a safer place. In Australia they are meeting with a potential client when they must rescue her from being assaulted by men trying to break into her home. The men set fire to her house and flee, but Tyler and Grant go after them they chase them to the jet boat dock where the men try to escape but are killed in the chase. The client, Fay, a 75 year old woman, has an artifact given to her at the crash in Roswell in 1947 that she wants them to investigate. Tyler is skeptical but willing to listen to her story particularly when he finds she is the grandmother of an old flame from his college days.  Fay was at Roswell in 1947, witnessed the crash  and was given an artifact by the alien that crawled out of the spaceship before it died. While still disbelieving her story the boys agree to look into the mystery. They begin by trying to find out who the men were that attacked her at her house and who they worked for. This leads them to a robotic truck, a warehouse , some Russian spies who are ambushed by some other rogue spies and a trailer train full of explosives being remotely driven into a secret American base. They must free themselves and diffuse the bomb or blow it before it reaches the base and stay alive. Thus begins a nonstop thrill ride of spies, counterspies, government agents with Tyler and Grant trying to stay ahead and solving the mystery of the artifact and saving the United States from destruction.
This is truly a non-stop page-turner in true Boyd Morrison style. I first got hooked on his work when reading Rogue Wave, a thriller set with a tsunami hitting the Hawaiian Island that was nail-biting to the very last drop of ocean wave. The two previous Gordian books, The Ark and The Vault are also rip-roaring adventures with Tyler and Grant. I highly recommend all of Mr. Morrison's work and will be anxiously awaiting his next book!