Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"The Turning" by Davis Bunn My Review

This book is amazing!
Five people from different walks of life come together through a calling on their life from God. They hear that still small voice and respond with obedience. At first they feel called to forgiveness of others in their own lives; but after they have acted on that they feel they are being called to do more. By God's design these five strangers meet one another at a crucial moment in time. They are all present at a hotel cafe in Times Square in time to witness a young executive’s media extravaganza proposing to set a trend with the theme "Hope Is Dead". Times Square is full of people dressed up like zombies and vampires with banners proclaiming that "Hope is Dead!". Our five strangers are galvanized by the sight and by God's calling on their lives. The group band together in action to do whatever God calls them to do to fight against this flagrant media assault. They will be purely supporting one another and following God's lead.
This makes for an intriguing situation and a great read. Davis Bunn has created characters that are true to life. They could be you or your neighbor. They fight real battles with doubts and prayers and support from fellow Christians. The antagonist character is brilliant because Bunn sets you up to like him (or at least pull for him) up until you read what he is about; then you are appalled!
The book makes you consider your own situation and how you respond to God's calling. Would you be willing to step up to the fight regardless of what other people think of you and regardless of the consequences of your actions. Would you be willing to trust and obey God?
 This is a new type of devotional fiction. It is a great story in and of itself and it is supported by a wonderful media campaign including a 40-day downloadable devotion booklet and online videos. The addition of the website and supporting materials are very helpful for those who want to take the ideas he has presented in the book and go further with them. It is a powerful read and will draw you to want more. Is God calling you? Are you listening?

I received a complimentary copy of “The Turning” from River North Fiction in Exchange for my honest review.