Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Pilgrim by Davis Bunn

Helena, raised from tavern serving girl to Empress by her marriage to a Roman general, divorced and thrown out of her home by the wayward desires of her husband, embarks on a journey of faith. She has a vision from God telling her to go on a pilgrimage to the city that was once Jerusalem. The journey will be long and treacherous because the land is no longer tolerant of Christians and there will be those who seek to stop her from her quest and those who will seek to kill her. She is joined on her journey by a sergeant of her former guards, who vows to protect her, a young Roman soldier who has lost everything including his faith and a battered and beaten priest. They are tracked by Severus, a murderous Roman assassin and fear daily for their lives. Helena is obediently following God's call with the most beautiful faith and perseverance.
Davis Bunn unfolds a beautiful story of one woman's uncompromising faith. A woman,  who by her obedient example brings hope and faith back to those she encounters on her journey. This is a moving story, brilliantly told with  characters and places that come alive. Davis Bunn's writing skills truly shine in this genre and it is a delight to read.I look forward to reading future offerings of Christian fiction from him.

I was given an eBook copy in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I have done a lot of great reading but I hadn't been able to get into my blog to post for a long time. Now that I have regained access to it I will be posting again soon!