Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bend your Brain

Bend Your Brain : 151 Puzzles,Tips, and Tricks to Blow [and grow] Your Mind
from The Minds Behind Marbles : the Brain Store

A fabulously entertaining and insightful book full of puzzles and tips to grow your brain. 
 This book is primarily fun, exasperating, intriguing and most likely very good for you!  Many are concerned with the growing level of dementia in our older adults and how to prevent it or at least put it off. The book is a collection selected by the minds behind  marbles the brain store. They begin by explaining what your brain is, who they are and what this book is. The book continues with five chapters of puzzles, and brainteasers to improve certain brain skills : visual perception, word skills,critical thinking,coordination and memory. There is an answer key at the end of the book. There is a short biographical paragraph for the people who created the puzzles. There is also a list of other products that are offered by marbles the brain store
This was a delightful fun book, great for working through or leaving on the coffee table or any other spot where you could pick it up and do a puzzle or two. 
This is a wonderful book I feel smarter already!!!!