Friday, August 16, 2013

Egyptian Adventure in "Easy Go" by John Lange (psd. Michael Crichton)

Michael Crichton has always been a great writer; further evidenced by these early writings under the pseudonym, John Lange. “Easy Go” is a fun romp,  through a story of intrigue and adventure, that would make a great movie. Set in Egypt after World War II, the book has a noir mystery feel to it, like a really good Vincent Price movie. A disrespected, but brilliant, hieroglyphics translator and archeologist deciphers a text that leads him to believe there is one more pharaoh’s tomb still out there to be found. He finds a bored writer who in search of adventure believes him and agrees to assemble a team to search for the tomb. However, he determines that they should keep the search a secret and steal the riches and sell them back to Egypt for a ransom; thus making a great deal of money from the loot. The writer knows a British Lord who has funds and might be interested in the adventure. Lord Grover agrees to their delightful proposition and funds their efforts under the guise of a photography expedition to photograph the great tombs and sites near Luxor and in the Valley of the Kings. The adventure continues as the group manages to complete both the photography expedition by day and the search for the lost tomb by night.
It is a thrilling and enjoyable story all the way through to the twist at the end! Enjoyable for mystery lovers, fans of Egyptology and Michael Crichton fans!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace

A review of :  Lace One Skein Wonders:101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace
                      by Judith Durant published by Storey Publishers

The is a beautiful book filled with wonderful Knitting projects! Each project is presented with clear instructions, diagrams where necessary and wonderful photography which shows the project magnificently, but often show techniques or close-ups of sections to help explain the instructions as well.If you are a knitter this book will open a wealth of projects to dream over and accomplish. Each project is very well outlined and explained so there will be no difficulty completing each of these wonderful projects. There are all kinds of projects: shawls, fingerless gloves, socks , scarves and others , all with a lacy touch.There are explicit diagrams showing where each stitch goes in the project and esplanations on how to accomplish each stitch. This book was provided to me as an ebook through NetGalley. When I requested this book I did not realize it was a knitting project book (I crochet) howeverit thrilled me to see such exquisite projects , that I am pulling my knitting needles out of moth balls and trying to remember how it is done again!
This is a wonderful book and I recommend these beautiful patterns to any knitters with the desire to make intricate lacy items!