Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr

I have always wanted to grow and learn to  use herbs. I have checked out books and tried to get into it but never really got anything going until this book. ( I received a copy of this book through "Blogging for Books" program for my honest review.) This book is fabulous!!!!!!

This is the most beautiful, well organized, informative book on Herbs I have ever encountered!!!! The author obviously loves growing and working with herbs and sharing his knowledge with others. I feel totally confident in my ability to use this book to grow my own herbs. Even if I had no interest in growing my own herbs, this book is a beautiful book about herbs. The photography is exquisite. ( Great even as a coffee table book!) 
The author covers planting , growing, drying, extracting, and making essential oils, tinctures from herbs.
The book is easy to follow and extremely informative.  There are outlines for what to grow in a kitchen garden. How to make  herb vinegar, herb beverages, and spice blends to use in the kitchen. There are wonderful recipes throughout the book show casing certain herbs.
This is a book to sit and savor, You can to learn from this book  and use the knowledge to become an accomplished herb user as well as herb grower. I am thoroughly enthralled with this book and have already started cultivating my kitchen herb garden!