Friday, December 20, 2013

Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin

 Timely and wonderful - I was going through my own dry period and her journey helped me. Lynn Austin has written a travelogue of sorts - a journey of her body, heart and mind. She was in a dry spell where not even her prayers or her worship felt normal. She embarks on a journey to Israel to walk in the places of the Bible. Her journey begins in the wilderness of Zin, a dry dusty desert that reflects her present spiritual life. The tour progresses through to Jerusalem and on to Galilee and the coastal city of Capernaum. Throughout the book she describes the countryside and the places that she goes in context of the stories from the Bible that occurred there. Her descriptions are so vibrant it makes you feel like you are right there with her. She often brings to light things about the story or the culture that aren't necessarily well known. Each destination in each chapter ends with a beautiful prayer praising God for the things she has seen and the knowledge or understanding she has gained from this experience. By the end of the book she is in a better place spiritually, rejoicing in the understanding she has gained from God through this journey. I would very much like to go on the same tour she went on. Even though the reader did not go physically on the journey I believe God will use her journey to minister to you as well.
I am so grateful that Mrs. Austin was willing to share her struggles with others. We feel less alone in our doubts and fears when we realize there are others who feel similarly. I'm reading through a second time to be sure I didn't miss any blessing God has to share with me!