Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Davis Bunn's "Strait of Hormuz" is wonderful!

Marc Royce is on the move again working as a freelance operative for his former boss Ambassador Walton. He has asked Marc to look into a report of money being laundered through the high end art world of Geneva, Switzerland. Walton tells him to trust no one, as there has been a leak of information reported.
Kitra Korban is contacted at the Kibbutz in Israel by a mysterious man who claims to be a friend of her father. He asks her to fly to Geneva to save the life of an important man, Marc Royce. Having no idea why Marc is in Geneva or why someone would be warning her to go rescue him, she packs and leaves. She goes even though she and Marc had recently broken off their relationship.
Marc arrives at the back door of the gallery in time to see that the contact has been murdered and the building is rigged to blow. Amazingly he sees Kitra at the front door of the gallery and he runs through and grabs her and throws her in Lake Geneva just as the building explodes.
This begins a rip roaring sequence of fast car chases( with Ferrari's, Bentley's and Roll's), alternate identities, lots of bad guys, fights and guns and a great deal of angst. It's a race to save the planet from the Iranian nuclear agenda or is it something else entirely.
Marc and his band of helpers do the leg work, go rogue against what the government wants him to do and ultimately solves the problem. He and his group manage all that is thrown at them with faith and perseverance.
Davis Bunn has created a finely woven story of courage, faith and stick through- it- ness that makes for an edge of your seat , nail-biting thriller. His characters are believably human, they have their doubts, they have their wounds but they also have their faith to rely on to get them through whatever life throws at them. His characters pray and read the Bible and share their faith with one another. It is a beautiful multicultural blend of sharing together despite their differences.
This was the most enjoyable of the three Marc Royce books. The action was non-stop, the plot was relevant, believable and could have been written from today's headlines. Christians need books like this not only to help us wake up to the world around us but to visualize how we are to respond to our world a Christians.